Jenny Wightwick

Clay has always held a fascination with me, I am intrigued with its properties and the scope it offers in my work.

Having completed a BA Hons in 3-Dimensional Design in Manchester, I relocated to West Sussex and pursued my passion from my studio at home.

I use various ways of making including slab rolled stoneware clay which I then manipulated into forms. Other items are made using my own plaster moulds and templates. Surfaces are embellished with coloured slips, biscuit fired initially, then underglaze stains and glossy brush-on glazes applied before a second firing to 1250
degrees centigrade.

My source material is predominantly a response to nature, often using simple ‘stick and ink’ sketches taken from what I see whilst walking, photos are sometimes taken and used. These free-form responses are developed and transferred onto the clay surface
and can be gathered anywhere I find myself from Holkham in Norfolk where I grew up, to Jayac in France where I was on holiday a few years ago and the South Downs where I now live.

I make a variety of forms from functional items to more sculpture large vessels. I have an interest in multiples and am fascinated by placement and the potential of wall art. I believe we are evolving and changing constantly and my creative practice is an extension
of my development.

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